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Car Trouble? We Can Handle It.

Find auto repair services in Whitehouse, TX

Uh-oh. Your "check engine" light just came on. It's not a good idea to ignore it and drive on. Let our mechanics at European Automotive Service of Whitehouse, TX find solutions to your car trouble. We can run a diagnostic test and get to the bottom of whatever is making your vehicle malfunction.

You can reach us at 903-561-7787 to make repairs to your vehicle.

Get your vehicle back on the road

If you notice something is wrong with your vehicle, bring it to our shop for a diagnostic. We offer the following services to repair your vehicle:

Check-Engine Light Diagnosis

When your "check engine" light or other warning lights come on, it's important to have this diagnostic test run as soon as possible to determine the source of the problem. Come by and see us for a diagnostic test today.

Alternator Repair or Replacement

It's important that your alternator is functioning properly because it can negatively affect the performance of your vehicle's battery and overall charging system.

Starter Repair or Replacement

It's a bad day when your vehicle won't start - we're able to help identify the exact issue and repair or replace your vehicle's starter.

Transmission Repairs

Your transmission's function is essential to the overall operation of your vehicle. We are experienced in determining the source of the problem and providing a solution. Come by and see us in Whitehouse, Texas today.

Engine Repair

As vehicles get older, you can run into issues with the motor or engine component of your vehicle. We are experienced in diagnosing the issue and fixing it in a timely manner.

You can count on European Automotive Services to get your vehicle up and running again.