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Glen and Debbie are awesome people to deal with,excellent work and very fair prices.Will be back for sure.

Kyle P.

My car has over 207k miles on it, and a few days ago, the dreadful EPC and CEL lights displayed, and my vehicle exhibited sluggish acceleration, and the LIMP mode was engaged. I took it to my local dealership, and they wanted almost $1200 to replace the throttle body, and I called European Automotive Service and told them what the dealership quoted, and Glenn (EAS employee) he couldn't believe the price and was able to give me a fair price to get my car fixed. Glenn is an example of someone that cares about his customers, and thanks to him and the fantastic team at EAS, I was able to get my car fixed the next day.

My family will be giving our business to EAS in the future and will be highly recommending others.

Thanks again, EAS and Glenn, for getting my car performing as it once was and providing excellent/expedited service.

William D.

The Owners are family and friends to you by the time you leave. I've taking my Rolls Royce and Mercedes to Glenn and I'm elated with the work each time.

Bishop G.

These people are nice folks. They will help you as a person and not a paycheck. If it's something simple they can fix in a few minutes they won't even accept money. Rare to see these days when the local dealer turns you away because you don't have an appointment.

Thomas K.

My mother and I were traveling back to GA from TX when our Mini Cooper started to have issues. This shop was recommend by the Mercedes dealership and they did not disappoint. The staff was very knowledgeable and kind. They put us in the front of the line and got us back on the road in no time. We made it back to GA safe and sound. I can't say thank you enough. As an added bonus there is a really sweet dog to pet while you wait.

Kathy D.

They are very fair with pricing and do not over charge you I will take our cars no where but to European Automotive.

Billy S.

I have a Murano convertible (Cross Cabriolet). The pop-top froze mostly open. FOUR recommended repair shops in Tyler (including the Nissan dealer) wouldn't have anything to do with it. Glen diagnosed the problem in one day, ordered special-made parts (Nissan doesn't sell parts either) and installed them. Works like new. Glen and his team just figure things out and get it done!

Carl B.

Excellent top mechanics who work on foreign autos. Knowledgeable and friendly service.

Thomas L.

If you have a European import that needs service, these are the guys that can get it done for you. Glen and Debbie are absolutely awesome to deal with. Fair, honest, and reliable. These three things are rare in the auto mechanic world. Especially all in one spot. Highly recommend European Automotive Service.

Jeff M.

There is NO OTHER automotive repair facilities to go to! They are simply the very best! We have a new Jaguar and when it requires any service we take it here. No need to spend thousands at the dealership and spend hours driving and waiting in Dallas or Shreveport! If you live in the Tyler area, European Automotive Service is simply the very best!

Thom M.

The owners of this place were just wonderful. They were able to make the repairs for half the price of bmw of tyler. My car is out of warranty now. One day repair and saved me a lot of money. I will be returning for future repairs.

Whiskey F.

These folks are awesome. I drove down from I-20 with a car noise. They had me going again in no time for a reasonable charge. Nice folks in some beautiful country making an honest living. THANK YOU!

Errol M.

Awesome people who does awesome work!! Thank you guys for taking care of my vehicle.

Rena C.

When I bought my wife a pristine 15-yr-old Jaguar XKR, I knew it would be dicey finding a competent mechanic within 100 miles. I visited several shops with easy requests like oil changes and asked a lot of naive sounding questions about the condition of the car. I knew it had an allusive coolant leak and an alignment issue. Some guys made arrogant attempts to sound knowledgeable; others confessed ignorance. One guy even tried to tell me that high performance cars are SUPPOSED to pull to the right due to the slope of the road. Then I came to Glenn. He replaced a heater hose that was really hard to diagnose and even harder to reach. He replaced the right ball joint and bushings, but he didn't try to BS me into doing the other side which he said was perfectly OK. The bill was exactly what it should have been! My barrage of questions to Glenn and Art produced answers that demonstrated not just a lot of patience and a wealth of experience, but good common sense and a high level of integrity. Our Jag has found a new best friend. We won't be letting anyone else work on it henceforth.

Roger B.

Great people! They take their time to properly diagnose problems with complicated European cars and do not try to break your bank account!

Charles B.

Brought a Volvo I bought back to perfect running order. Well done!!!

Mark P.

Excellent Service, will do business with again. Thank You

Pascal S.

Awesome people and fast service

Melissa S.

These guys are awesome. Just picked up my car today and runs like a new car. Thank you so much Glenn your awesome. Hopefully I won't need them for a long time but if I do I will always call them.

Melissa S.

These guys are awesome. Just picked up my car today and runs like a new car. Thank you so much Glenn your awesome. Hopefully I won't need them for a long time but if I do I will always call them.

Valerie S.

Great and quick service!!! Glenn fixed my AC problem last summer for 1/4 of what the dealership quoted and it's still running great!

Cindi C.

As luck would have it I'm driving in the middle of Texas from Arizona going to Atlanta and my car started to smoke and I have a liquid dripping from underneath my car. Because I have a BMW and I really was in small-town Texas I decided to try the dealership in Tyler. They were incredibly rude and put me on hold to my great luck! I found EAS and am so incredibly grateful that I did. I pulled up to this picture pretty place (albeit with a lot of German cars around ha ha) and was greeted so nicely. I had called first and the person on the other end of the line was so kind that I knew that I was making the right decision. When I arrived I knew I had. They took my car and checked everything out and it needed a major replacement part. But they told me that they kind of rigged it so that my car would be drivable and save me a lot of money. There are not a lot of people in this world that still have these kinds of ethics. They could've easily told me it wasn't fixable without paying for this part, but they didn't. It was just such a kind and generous thing to do. They have a really cool dog, Ruger, a super smart grandson, a really cold office and the nicest, most honest and kind people you'd ever hope to meet in this situation. They even told me that they wouldn't leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere, they would make sure that I got to a hotel room. Man, days like that make me miss my home state of Texas. You won't find any better people and they've proven it here. My car is also still running great. I cannot recommend this auto repair shop enough. I wish I lived in Tyler, they would get all my business! Thank you again you guys, you were the very best!

Nick P.

Reasonably priced, answered all my questions and very quick to get repairs done.

Sherry W.

We have brought 3 BMWs to European over the past couple of years and they have been the best value, best service and most reliable place in town, by far. We appreciate their customer service and trust them!

Kristi F.

Let me paint a quick picture. We bought my daughter a 2005 Smart Car. The car went into shifting system fault and I checked with 27 local (27!!!) mechanics and NONE of them could or would help me. We were referred to European Automotive and we took it there as a last resort.. we were giving up if they could not fix it. Good news! They fixed it. It was a difficult fix since the car is a true European import but they did it, and the pricing.. My worse fear was the cost was going to be more than the value of the car. Fear averted, they completed the work well under my budget. I am absolutely OVERJOYED with this company. I live in Longview but they are now my mechanic for not only this car but my VW. Thanks so much for the tireless work they put into getting this fixed.

Tammy T.

I had a loud noise coming from under my used Audi S7 when I drove over bumps in the road or pulled into my driveway. Yes, they fixed that and it wasnt an obvious repair either- they searched on line and found the solution on a service-only chat room. The car had a service light that showed up shortly after signing the sales papers, it resisted the 10 hour spark plug change, multiple cans of BG40 Platinum, etc. The European Automotive crew ran that code down and swapped out 2 O2 sensors. The codes are gone, the car runs perfectly and quietly until it's time to GO!. This review is intentionally posted months after the service to ensure that the service was durable- it was. You may trust the European Automotive Team to be honest and transparent about the service needs of your car.

Darby K.