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“When I bought my wife a pristine 15-yr-old Jaguar XKR, I knew it would be dicey finding a competent mechanic within 100 miles. I visited several shops with easy requests like oil changes and asked a lot of naive sounding questions about the condition of the car. I knew it had an allusive coolant leak and an alignment issue. Some guys made arrogant attempts to sound knowledgeable; others confessed ignorance. One guy even tried to tell me that high performance cars are SUPPOSED to pull to the right due to the slope of the road. Then I came to Glenn. He replaced a heater hose that was really hard to diagnose and even harder to reach. He replaced the right ball joint and bushings, but he didn’t try to BS me into doing the other side which he said was perfectly OK. The bill was exactly what it should have been! My barrage of questions to Glenn and Art produced answers that demonstrated not just a lot of patience and a wealth of experience, but good common sense and a high level of integrity. Our Jag has found a new best friend. We won’t be letting anyone else work on it henceforth.” – Roger Boltz

“Great people! They take thier time to properly diagnose problems with complicated European cars and do not try to break your bank account!” – Charles Boyte

“Brought a Volvo I bought back to perfect running order. Well done!!!” – Mark Pedersen

“Excellent Service, will do business with again. Thank You” – Pascal Sacco

“Awesome people and fast service”- Melissa Servin

“These guys are awesome. Just picked up my car today and runs like a new car. Thank you so much Glenn your awesome. Hopefully I won’t need them for a long time but if I do I will always call them.”- Valerie Sheldon

“Great and quick service!!! Glenn fixed my AC problem last summer for 1/4 of what the dealership quoted and it’s still running great!”- Cindi Christopher